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11-Dec-2018 11:58

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Program evaluation may be conducted at several stages during a program's lifetime.

Program evaluations can involve both quantitative and qualitative methods of social research.

It is important to know what/who the target population is/are – it might be individuals, groups, communities, etc.

There are three units of the population: population at risk, population in need and population in demand Needs analysis is hence a very crucial step in evaluating programs because the effectiveness of a program cannot be assessed unless we know what the problem was in the first place.

Needs assessment involves the processes or methods used by evaluators to describe and diagnose social needs This is essential for evaluators because they need to identify whether programs are effective and they cannot do this unless they have identified what the problem/need is.

Programs that do not do a needs assessment can have the illusion that they have eradicated the problem/need when in fact there was no need in the first place.Rossi, Lipsey & Freeman (2004) gave an example that: a person identifying some battered children may be enough evidence to persuade one that child abuse exists.But indicating how many children it affects and where it is located geographically and socially would require knowledge about abused children, the characteristics of perpetrators and the impact of the problem throughout the political authority in question.There are two more questions that need to be answered: The ‘how’ question requires that evaluators determine how the need will be addressed.