Is db woodside and golden brooks still dating

18-Jun-2018 14:42

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In the cases of the celebs on the following pages, they actually had kids together! Angie Martinez & Nokio Seeing as though these two dated when Dru Hill was still pretty hot on the scene, if you didn’t know who Angie Martinez was, it wouldn’t be long before you found out.It is nice to hear they’re still together and word has it that his song “So Beautiful” is a dedication to Kameelah.Stacey Dash & Christopher Williams While I’ve never thought this was much of a secret, I always meet someone who had no idea these two have a now adult son together. I got rid of all my ISHHH from my cre dit report y'all - I was in deep for 5 years. Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!!

The 47-year-old American actress, Golden is an unmarried woman. The couple started dating in 2008 and continued their relationship.During one of Angie’s radio shows they even threw her a baby shower on the air.It appears the relationship didn’t last too long after the birth of their son Niko, who is now eight years old (he’s being held by Angie in the above pic while it is believed the older boy is Niko’s other son).After breaking up with him, Golden started going out with another man.