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When I asked her, she just laughed Jim and she didn't care." Allison said and felt bad for him.

"I hope you laughed and told her no way.""I did, but not in those words," she replied with an evil look in her eye. ""I said she was a waste of flesh and that she was nothing but a common whore! His eyes filled tears and he reached to hold Mom's hand. " he added, stood up and he kissed her on the side of her pretty face.

Looking at your mother's ass and who knows what else," she said and felt her pale face, turning a warm shade of pink and her nipples growing. " Allison asked, but she already knew what it was and her brain went into negotiation mode.

"I thought you'd get over your 'Mommy crush' years ago, but at twenty, you still have it." Allison smiled at him and she didn't care if her son looked at her or not. "I'll always have a thing for you, Mom and I mean that," he paused and lifted a strand of hair from Mom's left eye.

"Anything you want and you can take as long as you like to use it." Jim smiled to Mom and crossed his fingers. "What if someone there knows me or that I'm your Mom. " Allison asked with a low voice and she waited for his reply.

I'm going to look like a loser and a homo." Jim said as he looked to her and hoped Mom would go and save him. " he begged Mom and she just sat, giving him a blank look and not moving a single muscle. " she asked with a soft voice, breaking her silent stare. " she asked, looking into his deep, blue eyes and over his strong, manly face and wondered why he didn't have a line of women going out the fucking front door.He was gorgeous, any women's dream, but he wasted his time with Cindy, and it killed Allison.He looked at her and Jim had a good feeling about this.He tried not to look, but Mom was a fucking babe and hot as hell.

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She was over five foot ten inches and only weighed about one hundred and twenty-five pounds.Mom had a long, thin face and you could easily tell that she had a Nordic bl**dline.He looked over Mom's tiny ass and the little, blue panties on it. After a few more minutes, she finished and passed out on her bed. He did have a very sexy girlfriend, Cindy, but today, dumped her. ' he thought about the last year and all the dates, concerts and every other place she every wanted to go. A hand job did not substitute a good, long fuck and he needed more.