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11-Sep-2018 14:59

I think I'm fine with CK's voice, but I want the song to be in CD cause I want to hear Jin's voice more clearlythe concert this year is so awesome and that's Kat-tun's style which I can't see in the QOP About Jin performance.I can say that it is a good song,the melody is perfect.

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but now I feel compelled to post this since he is leaving or he left Kat-Tun… Akanishi’s Comment It’s a little presumptuous of me but out of personal interest, Yamada Takayuki and I have decided to do some Choo Choo-ing. If by any means we cause any trouble, let me say this beforehand. It was about a week or so after that day, when I realized how I felt. This is going to be really bad, or so I told myself. But this feeling won’t go away and I can’t keep my mouth shut. gayo girls generation GLAY Hana yori dango heartbreaker hello project influenza A j-drama J-Pop jaejoong Japan Japanese entertainment Jin Akanishi K-Pop KARA KAT-TUN keita tachibana Korea Korean Entertainment Lead Lyle Beniga morning musume News oricon oricon charts plagiarism Shaun Evaristo SHINEE SM entertainment SNSD SPEED SS501 Super Junior Tae Yang taeyang tohoshinki top tvxq vision factory visual kei vk w-inds.