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The play will be remembered for his athleticism, and that’s how it should be, because there aren’t many tight ends capable of scoring that way — the speed to beat the linebacker to the hole, the agility to leap from the 5 yard line into the end zone. They ran the same zig-zag motion with Hill that they did on the 18 yard gain earlier, but this time faked it to the right, then faked a handoff to De’Anthony Thomas to the left, which helped clear out the middle for Kelce to run through.

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Look, I know it’s an obvious choice, and I usually like to mention stuff you might not know about.The offensive line got handled by the Eagles, and they’ll have to continue scheming toward that group’s specific and significant strengths (athleticism, pass protection) and against that group’s specific and significant weakness (point of attack, especially on short yardage runs).But they have game breakers at all three levels — Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill — with a quarterback who knows the system like his own birthday and (very notably) may have found his running mojo.The Broncos have won two home games, including one against the Chargers.