Kathy griffin dating old spice guy

15-Jul-2018 08:00

If the rumours are true, Isaiah could be the first relationship Kathy has had in quite some time.

The stand-up comic divorced her husband of five years, Matt Moline, in May 2006 amid rumours he had stolen money from her.

Here's what he had to say about his platonic relationship with Kathy: "I think she's amazing…she's a force of nature!

She's on Broadway so if you get a chance, go check her out.

Even if the end of their relationship didn’t go down this way, it’s just like Kathy to spin it in her favor. Did you see those bikini pics where she’s looking ghostly though? Makeup makes all the difference in the world doesn’t it?

You really keep us on your toes with your love life, don't you Old Spice Guy?

Looks like Kathy Griffin may be spicing up her life. Have things actually turned romantic between the two? A source tells me that Griffin and Mustafa first met months ago.

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