Kids definition radiometric dating

14-Aug-2018 15:51

” and “how do you know our measurement is accurate?

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Facts are critical, but if we never get the chance to apply these facts through projects, or witness them in action through experiences, they can come to seem sterile and distant.

There’s no one we’d rather hear from on that question than ICR. For over four decades, generous donors have ensured our scientists’ fruitful production of genuine independent research, as the following examples of ICR discoveries clearly show: From here on, dear reader, the ICR article lists several examples of their “fruitful” research. Egad — we just realized there’s some carbon-14 within your Curmudgeon, and — contrary to popular opinion — we’re not yet a fossil. The power and significance of these discoveries lie in the fact that they emerge from original data obtained by independent credible research.