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11-Dec-2018 07:49

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Maybe deep down, you like things to be a little bit more serious.Maybe deep down, you’d like to start settling down with the right guy in the right relationship. It’s all about having this person in your life that just doesn’t complete you, but also makes life worth living; makes life fun and most importantly, achieves all those things while granting you a high level of independence.Read also – 9 Signs He’s Not the Right Man for You Libra men are a bit self-indulgent. Once he finds out you are not honest with him or others, your relationship is over. Another day he can spend the whole day watching TV without noticing you.They don’t like to make effort to earn more money, but they do love splurging on luxury things for themselves. Anyway, his creativity wins at times and he comes up with a plethora of romantic ideas.You don’t want to be just born as a baby and then you die but you’re still a baby inside. Your whole point being on earth is to grow as a person. Keep this discussion in mind when analyzing the three dating tips I will mention below. There are certain things that you do; there are certain ways your personality is configured that is getting in the way of your developing the rich, rewarding and emotionally fulfilling relationships that you deserve. When you get too deep too early, it can get awkward. Libra people are so afraid of that that they automatically keep everything superficial. You know how to strike up conversations; you know how to work a room. Unfortunately, you are afraid of doing that so you develop this habit of just keeping things light. That there is nothing much beyond what you can see.The default reaction of the Libra woman when it comes to any type of social interaction is to keep it light. Everything is superficial and everything doesn’t really progress past a certain point. If you want a deep, fulfilling relationship you need to have the guts to move past that point. Sure, there’s a lot of hugging, kissing and personal displays of affection but there’s this huge space inside that both partners are afraid to get into.Although Libra men have many female friends, they are always loyal to their girlfriends.A Libra man does love flirting, but he doesn’t allow himself to cheat on a woman he loves.

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He most likely loves you and doesn’t want to betray your trust. He can easily spot a liar so he will pay enough attention to you the first few months. But still it’s possible to keep your relationship with a Libra man going strong, if you are not sensitive, clingy and dependant. One day, he can cook you a delicious dinner while you are relaxing in a hot bubble bath.

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It leads to all sorts of emotional problem and psychological issues. They may be focused on their career; they may get lost in the crowd, but deep down, they know this. It’s not uncommon for Libra relationships to involve physical intimacy, maybe even financial intimacy but the inner core of the partners involved never really get explored because there’s this invisible emotional wall.

I’m not talking about co-dependency, I’m talking about a healthy relationship where you grow together but you also grow independently. It helps you become a better person in terms of how you relate to other people; how you view yourself; how you feel and also spiritually, a great relationship is a gateway to higher levels of personal evolution. This is why at some level or another, they are frustrated. It’s too easy to set yourself up where you get hurt later on. The problem is, at some stage, you must learn how to read signals from them so you can take it to a deeper level. Many people can live with this but sometimes we are faced with challenges and we need really deep emotional intimacy and nothing could be more heartbreaking than realizing that your relationship really is an empty shell.They are too lazy to boost their career, solve financial problems, or improve their overall lives.They think that making extra effort to reach any goal is just a waste of time.Their lives are filled with constant parties, trips, guests, and tons of so-called friends.

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