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You didn't have to try to look like and act like a man; you could be a feminine woman and still be brilliant and powerful." Melissa loved her time at CNBC until one day she reported that the math on Obamacare didn't add up."And I was called up into the principal's office and told that I was disrespecting the office of the president."I had a great job in college where I was managing a tech team and making 25 bucks an hour as a 22-year-old in college and it was great but I took this huge pay cut down to .10 an hour to run teleprompter and cut tapes and get yelled at by the main anchor because the prompter was so ancient My hands were always shaking I was so nervous, I wasn't making any money but I wanted to be in this business that I just trusted that if I kept working hard and I kept knocking on those doors that it would work out." It might surprise some that Melissa's experience as a child actor didn't help her when she tried to break into the news business."A lot of people make the assumption that because I had a career in television that that would help me break into news but to be honest, it was quite the opposite," she said.

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I always say that's step one on the road to recovery, wallow in a giant vat of self-pity, get it out of your system, 'oh, God, why me?

"He was incredibly fun, but he was also so hard-working and smart.

On the set, he was one of the first people to figure out that in order to make a mint in television, you have to own the production.

'" Melissa went back to TV and after years on the local news circuit she got her big break, and with it, a chance to work alongside her TV idol Maria Bartiromo.

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"I saw her and I thought she is fantastic because she was brilliant, powerful and beautiful, you could do all of it, you didn't have to compromise any piece of it.Switching Gears and headed to Harvard to major in economics with the goal of becoming a television news reporter.But breaking into TV news proved much harder for Melissa than acting.Melissa graduated in economics in 1995 from the Harvard University.

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Nov 29, 2017. Former “Little House on the Prairie” star-turned-Fox News and Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Francis is moving on to a bigger pasture. We hear that Francis purchased a five-bedroom home in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood at luxury condominium the Kent. While the deal has yet to close, available.… continue reading »

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