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29-Nov-2018 07:23

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For a little country like New Zealand, I love watching those old shows and seeing how far we have come in the TV landscape.

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On I don’t really care what the actual process is – for me it’s about how their lives can be changed by taking part in something like this. Even when I was growing up, there was that Heartland documentary that came to town when I was at St Peters in Gore.I didn’t need a lot of convincing that he was perfect for the job. My job was just to intertwine between the Bachelor and the girls and let everybody know what was happening.When you’re in radio, you tend to be very dramatic and loud, whereas in television you’ve got pictures to do all that for you.You’ve got to be chipping away at it like the , and constantly letting people know that you’re available. Last night I was watching a documentary that was filmed around the 1978 Telethon.

Puru occasionally worked in regular high school theatre productions. Puru set up his own radio show for St Peter's College and helped with broadcasting regular events.… continue reading »

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Mike Puru seasons 1-2 Dominic Bowden seasons 3-present. The Bachelor New Zealand is a dating game show based on the original US version, The Bachelor.… continue reading »

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In 2015 he hosted the first of two seasons on the NZ version of dating show The Bachelor — and announced he was leaving The Edge after 20 years. Mike Puru.… continue reading »

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Mike Puru has reprised his role as the The Bachelor host for an appearance on a children's television program this week. Puru hosted two seasons of the reality dating.… continue reading »

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