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The history of Missoula, Montana begins as early as 12,000 years ago with the end of the region's glacial lake period with western exploration dating back to the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804–1806.

The first permanent settlement was founded in 1860.

Land south of the Clark Fork River (Downtown had established itself north of the river) was donated for the construction of the campus. Hammond and Copper Kings Marcus Daly and William A.

The start of the modern era began when all the logging yards in Missoula, which had once completely driven the city's economy, vanished.Higgins, who had been present at the Treaty of Hellgate, and business partner Francis L.Worden, with the expectation that the Mullan Road and any future railroad would necessarily pass through the valley.When the flood waters cleared, the resultant Missoula Valley became a geographic hub of five mountain valleys formed by the Bitterroot Mountains, Sapphire Range, Garnet Range, Rattlesnake Mountains, and Reservation Divide.

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The oldest artifacts date from the end of the glacial lake period around 12,000 years ago with the first-known settlements dating from 3,500 BCE.

Their gamble was correct and Hell Gate became the Missoula County seat in 1860; the first post office was established on November 25, 1862, with Worden as the first postmaster.