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And, man, there is no greater force in the world today, I think, than busine Alright, so let me get off my soap box and introduce the interview that you’re about to listen to.

This is an interview with a guy who has made a ton of mistakes, no different than any businessman, no different than any entrepreneur in the sense that we are all going to make a ton of mistakes, mistakes that would scare the bejeezus out of most people.

But Microsoft, you had a great time and you had an opportunity to go for it. Is it that you need to keep trying different things? So if you do the math on that, say .005 times 170 …

: Google, you loved working at Microsoft, Google, Facebook. When they do the Facebook movie, I hope they get a guy playing you. I remember you at Mint before the company launched, you were here in Los Angeles, in Santa Monica, right by my house doing the unofficial launch before the Tech Crunch 50, where you couldn’t show it because you were part of Tech Crunch50. that’s eight hundred fifty thousand dollars (0,000). So the question that I made, and one of the big deciding points for why I left Mint’s after the time that I did was that, in four years, could I make eight hundred fifty thousand dollars (0,000) for myself? : I love that you put it in those terms, because that makes a lot of sense. So I can back to him with a whole full marketing proposal and what I’d exactly do over three months. I think I was much more interested in that in the beginning.

As you get to be as large as you are, fraud, maybe some chargebacks.And so, today, we work over 40 million users a month.We work with Gaia Online, Xanga, Playdom, Hi5, Tagged, and a lot of major companies, helping them with payments.So you could either spend your time doing that, or, within about 30 minutes, have payment solution set up and running with Gambit.

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: No, you could totally do Pay Pal and I think that, you know, on a smaller scale, that might be more useful.So with credit cards, offers, Pay Pal – that’s what does. So, two different scenarios: one is where you just want alternative payments or offers which is a new payment type that’s becoming popular.And so let’s say Gaia Online, which is one of the leading virtual worlds, nine million users a it’s like right now i do payments for online games, not very sexy. but you tell like college girls that one that you work at facebook and its over at that point. I had a, I worked at an internship at Microsoft I was in the sales and marketing group and what happened was as an intern you almost guaranteed a job, it’s like 99% and guess who didn’t get the job. : So here’s the thing, here’s what I’m seeing, Intel’s forget it. and that’s the new job position that I’m getting hired for. : So Mint sold for one hundred seventy million (0,000,000). Okay so hopefully Mint won’t get to mad about that.

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