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Christensen gave me I set about searching the university library for books that dealt with the hero’s journey in some capacity.What I ended up with was a list of about four books but what I found out while searching through the stacks of books themselves was that the library searched either missed some of the materials in the library or my search parameters were not specific or broad enough.The first instances of research involved accessing the university library’s search function and doing a cursory search of terms such as “monomyth” and “hero’s journey” alongside specific literary figures like Achilles or Odysseus.While I had a few hits, the overall composition of the articles and books I found were lacking in mentioning Campbell’s work.One of the major names was Vladimir Propp whose 31 functions share some of the same qualities of Campbell’s monomyth.

Virgil’s from Mesopotamia, the prime example of Near Eastern epic, is one of the oldest surviving literary works.

This part of my research really became a hit or miss scenario.

While the monomyth has a presence in scholarship there are fewer articles dealing with the idea than one might think, or that I was able to find.

And which works should be considered epic and which should be rejected?

This problem is only exacerbated by the evolution of epic over time, from ancient epic in both oral and written form over Renaissance epic to modern epic, which can be found in different media. “Epic as Genre.” Research Narrative When first deciding upon the topic I wished to pursue I felt that first and foremost it must be a topic which interests me and relates to the Trojan War tradition.However, this part of my research was not all bad in that it exposed me to Carl Jung’s influence on the monomyth and just how interconnected the overall ideas of Campbell, Jung, and Propp actually are despite differing terms used to describe the same basic structure.With this new understanding I was able to find articles that suited my needs and touched on the various aspects of the monomyth within the bounds of the Trojan War tradition while speaking about epics and folktales from around the world.Further, each epic creates a sense of national character and group identity for its respective culture.

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