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09-Sep-2018 13:24

Samples of wood were taken from a shaft discovered on Nolan’s property and analysed by radiocarbon dating.

The following documents spanning the past forty years show the analysis which has been undertaken and the conclusions which have been drawn about the suggested age of the wood, hinting at an approximate creation date for the Money Pit.

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Reliable chronological and robust identification criteria for rice domestication are keys to understanding the issue.

The rate at which C atoms, half of them will decay in 5730 years.

This week's feedback is from Franky P of Canada, who has a question about instances of carbon dating giving negative =future ages. Andrew Lamb replies. Hello. I checked out the Department of Earth Sciences at Brock University and noticed that they offer a radiocarbon dating service. One of their samples BGS-43 was.… continue reading »

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The Dating Game by Rick Groleau So what's the story behind radiocarbon dating? It's not a love story, to be sure. Rather, it's a way to determine the age of organic remains such as bone, teeth, and seeds by finding out how much carbon-14 is left in the remains. Check it out for yourself. At the very least you'll find out what it's.… continue reading »

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In this video excerpt from NOVA "Hunting the Elements," New York Times technology columnist David Pogue explores how isotopes of carbon can be used to determine the age of once-living matter. Learn how. Meet paleoclimatologist Scott Stine, who uses radiocarbon dating to study changes in climate. Find out what it.… continue reading »

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