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The reader can further research all the surnames to prove or disprove whats written. Descendants of Dunning de Latham; (Mary de Latham) Descendants of Hugh Hussey; (Ellen Hussey) Descendants of Leonard of Pilkington; (Isable Pilkingson) Descendants of xxxx Fleming; (Elizabeth Fleming) Descendants of Townley family; (Jane Townley) Descendants of Hugo de Cranmere; (Rebecca Cranmer) Descendants of John Lee I; (John Perival Lee) Descendants of Rogerus D'Anyers; (Eunice Daniels) Descendants of William le Vache; (Mary Elizabeth Veach) Descendants of Sevin Warner; (Elnora Lucretia Warner) Descendants of John Varguson; (Elizabeth, Jemima, & Harriet Dalton) Descendants of Teage Amarahow Merrihew; (Margaret Dalton) Descendants of Johann Peter Kucher (Elizabeth Cooker) A genealogy report of the ancestors of Rodney Dalton. Thus Dunning, traitor to the Saxon people; became Sir Dunning Latham, Earl of Lathom in the Spring of 1067 A. In both early English and American records, the surname of Latham or Lathom has taken on many different spellings. It is only speculation that John Hite Lee is a brother of General Lee. Children of JOHN LEE and MARGARET DUDNEY or ELIZABETH PROSSER are: 10.

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A search on the Internet of hundreds of personal users gedcom files submitted to record. The histories of the English Royalty, many sites on the Internet. 38 entries for the above surnames in Burke's "General Armory" ************************************************************ Sometime before the year of 1300 A. our Sir Robert Dalton married Mary de Latham in Lancashire Co. The Lathom House, the Chapelry of Lathom and even the town of Lathom itself would later become a part of the city of Ormskirk, Lancashire, England.

The LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City Utah. He was given the lordship of the Chapelry of Lathom and its' surrounds.

He was said never to gotten over his father's death. As populations increased, it became cumbersome to distinguish one William or one John from another. Usually, a second name was descriptive, derived from a person's occupation, location, his father's name, or an identifying characteristic.

He also couldn't get over his wife's and 2 daughters deathes, & committed suicide by hanging himself. Notes for SIR THOMAS DE LATHAM: Thomas was grantee of Mosborough and lands in Raynsforth from his brother Sir Robert, in 1292. Sir Thomas was Commissioner of Array in Lancaster with special powers in the Earl of Lancaster's rebellion 13. For example, a builder of houses might have taken a second name "Carpenter", and a person who lived near a stream might have become known as William "Brook".

In early English history, 7 distinct clans of Lathams emerged and could be found in the following counties: Lancaster, which was Sir Dunnings direct decendants; York, Somerset, Chester, Essex, Worchester, Cambridge and in London. By family tradition the English Husseys were Normans, earlier Danes, and prior to that, Scandinavians who had invaded northern France and, settling there, adapted to French language and customs. October 01, 1808, Arlington Plantation, Alexandra, Fairfax Co.