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02-Oct-2018 05:14

As a generalization, the DBA ought to start with a list of roles users can play in the enterprise and create a script for the privileges each role needs.

A new user can then be assigned a role and you do not have to repeat the script over and over. One user might have read the spec “Employees must be over 21 years of age to serve alcohol” to mean strictly over 21 as of today or can they pour a drink on their 21-st birthday? This technique becomes more useful as the SQL becomes more complex.

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However, it is common to see them misued, or neglected.

Although this rule seems obvious, s that make it look as if the schema was designed for just his or her use, without regard to the rest of the enterprise. The payroll clerk can see the salaries of other personnel and change them.

May 10, 2012. INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE are not allowed on read-only VIEW s, but you can change their base tables, as you would expect. An updatable VIEW is one that can have each of its rows associated with exactly one row in an underlying base table. When the VIEW is changed, the changes pass through.… continue reading »

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Learn how to use Oracle database link syntaxes for remote updates.… continue reading »

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The accuracy of a materialized view depends on the frequency of trigger mechanisms behind its updates. Materialized views were introduced by Oracle Database, while IBM DB2 provides so-called "materialized query tables" MQTs for the same purpose. Microsoft SQL Server introduced in its 2000 version indexed views.… continue reading »

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