Outlook 2016 inbox folder not updating

10-Dec-2018 11:48

See the folder owner or your administrator to change your permissions.

“Actually, the November update for Outlook 2013 (KB2837618) fixes a whole lot of IMAP issues and is highly recommended.

Amongst others, the update makes sure that IMAP accounts will not repeatedly completely resynch folders, will not create duplicates of default folders, will more reliably map the special server folders and make it less likely that folders will get marked as “This computer only”.

However, it is now also more important than ever to correctly set the Root Folder Path for your mailbox when your IMAP server requires it.

Some IMAP servers branch of all your folders from the Inbox folder.

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You can then select which folders that you want to subscribe to or view on your computer.

Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t detect this automatically but you need to set it manually.