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No one gets married assuming it will end in divorce. “When I got married, I thought I’d never get divorced,” she says.

“It came as a bit of a shock and after my divorce, I was cynical about marriage,” she admits.

But she recognised the hope we as human beings attach to marriage.

“It’s the romance that brings us together and after all, people are still getting married,” she muses.

Meeting the positive, animated and bubbly person she is today, it’s hard to believe she was ever in any type of dark place, but directly after her unexpected divorce, a negative space was exactly where the person she is today had to emerge from.So, what’s the recipe for a loving relationship in which both partners are happy?After soul searching and a lot of research, Tracy’s ethos is ’: romance is key to the marriage-altering work she does with her clients.Her wealth of knowledge hasn’t come from life experience alone and is backed up by a BA in Social Sciences (1996, UNISA), as well as practical training with the Family Life Centre (FAMSA).

This training led her to counsel both individuals and couples, as well as perform Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Trauma Counselling, Divorce Mediation, Pre-marriage Counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes.

While Tracy’s work doesn’t simply focus on the notorious “seven-year itch”, it is a concept she’s very aware of in her practice and among the marriages she works on healing.