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It is the order in which any cash available to distribute is distributed.

For example, a distribution waterfall might read as follows: Once the economic deal (i.e., the distribution waterfall) is drafted, the partnership’s allocations are then drafted to force the income or loss over the life of the partnership to be allocated so that each partner’s ending capital account balance equals what it must be to allow the partnership to liquidate in accordance with the distribution waterfall, while simultaneously ensuring that each partner’s ending capital account balance is reduced to zero as a result of the final partnership liquidating distribution (i.e., force partnership allocations to follow the economic deal).

Thus, if a partnership is formed on day 1, but no agreement (oral or written) satisfying the requirements set forth in the previous sentence is entered into until day 2, then the allocations will never satisfy the basic test for economic effect. Through oversight, an entity is formed but no agreement (oral or written) is entered into until sometime after the formation.

Often, upon inquiry, it turns out that the parties orally entered into a partnership agreement to be memorialized in writing at a future time.

First, capital accounts must be maintained in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Second, partnership liquidating distributions are required to be made “in all cases” in accordance with the partners’ positive capital account balances (after taking into account all adjustments, if any, for the partnership tax year during which the liquidation occurs).

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Third, an allocation will have economic effect if, taking into account all the facts and circumstances, the allocation reaches the same result as if the three strict requirements were contained in the partnership agreement.

This two-part article first discusses the rules governing safe-harbor allocations.

Next, it discusses the rules governing targeted allocations and reasons for the use of targeted allocations.

A partnership “allocation” is simply a division of each item of income, gain, loss, deduction, and credit of the partnership between and among the partners.

An allocation is not to be confused with a distribution of cash; and allocations and distributions do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

artnerships afford the greatest flexibility to business owners to craft an entity that tracks any complex economic deal they can conceive.

So if a partner contributed property, with a holding period of 1 year, to the partnership, and the partnership held the property for 2 years, then a distribution of.… continue reading »

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