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06-Aug-2018 13:34

But this is exactly what people are expecting of me when they ask why I feel the need to be so "open" about my "private business." Not all polyamorous people have multiple equally committed relationships, and many do designate a more central (typically live-in) relationship as "primary." But my partners and I are hardly unusual among polyamorous folks.Many share homes in configurations like ours, or as committed triads or quads or complex networks of five or more.Over the past few years, polyamory has become a more widely known term and practice.

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To me, this notion that there must be one more important relationship, one true love, feels a lot like people looking at same-sex couples and thinking that one person must be the "man" in the relationship and the other must be the "woman." After all, both of these misunderstandings result from people trying to graft their normative conceptions of love and relationships onto people who are partnering in non-normative ways.

And if they identify multiple people as their partners, don't try to read into who is more important than whom, imagining hierarchies even if you're told there are none.

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