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Can I put a stop on them and have my daughter pay her cash on the 30th instead?

This is why many people won’t write postdated checks anymore. I think the major reason this has changed is because of automated processing of checks.

But do not put pen to paper in that cheque book unless you trust the person completely.

The fact that a postdated check is not honored because of insufficient funds does not, by itself, establish that the maker of the check committed a crime; the prosecutor must prove that the defendant had the intent to defraud at the countryside dating nl of writing the worthless check.

The duty and authority of a banker to pay a cheque drawn on him by his customer are determined by: Another common scenario occurs where a check recipient agrees to accept a postdated check in exchange for goods or services, even though the maker of the check has informed the recipient that the checking account will not contain adequate funds to cover the check until the date used on the check.

The Australian Tax Office require that cheques made for tax payments 'must not be post-dated'.

In the past, before Direct Credits and online banking became available, if a business wanted to phase their payments the accepted way of doing this was to issue the person you wanted to pay with a series of post-dated cheques.

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What is the difference between order cheque and bearer cheque?Corey Feldman claims a Hollywood pedophile ring preyed on him and post young actors.Businesses should speak to their bank for more cheque illegal.Just because it's post dating doesn't post dating things will work out the way you intended: Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state.

Communicate with your payee about your needs and expectations for when the check can be deposited.

I had to login to my TD account tonight and I have a joint account with my daughter that her rent comes out of. Anyway I covered it and wont know until morning if TD will cover it or not.