Project reality servers not updating

08-Nov-2018 09:17

Press "Back" to return to the previous page. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_RETRIEVEACCOUNT_DESC Please select the method you by which you wish to retrieve your existing profile, fill out the required details, and press "Retrieve" to continue.Press "Back" to return to the previous page. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_IMPORTBF2_DESCNOPR No existing Project Reality: BF2 profiles have been found.This image is stored on your computer to save re-downloading the image.Clearing the logo cache forces images to be re-downloaded. LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_UTILITIES_UPDATEPBDESC Punkbuster handles anti-cheat in Battlefield 2.

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Clearing the server history list will help to improve game launch time. LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_UTILITIES_CLEARLOGOCACHEDESC Each server has their own logo image representing their server.Press the button below to see change-log and to download the mod. For your ultimate Co-op experience I'm releasing 18 default BF2 maps with full bot support for all sizes, which means that you can play in Co-op mode on 32-players and 64-players variants of these maps (few maps don't support 16 and 32 sizes though).Flags, vehicles and spawn layouts are identical to vanilla maps, with the only exception that spawn points on carriers are slightly adjusted to avoid AI deaths on spawn.Please select your existing Battlefield 2 profile to import and press "Import", or press "Back" to create or retrieve an account. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_DESCSINGLE Your Project Reality: BF2 profile has been successfully created. Before you do however, please take some time to read the following short message from the Project Reality Team, then press "Finish" to continue. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_DESCMULTI Your Project Reality: BF2 profiles have been successfully created. Before you do however, please take some time to read the following short message from the Project Reality Team, then press "Finish" to continue. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT1 If you have any issues with being able to play, such as game crashes, possible bugs, or some other technical issue, please check out the "Support" section in the Project Reality: BF2 Launcher. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT2 If you're not quite sure what to do when you first start playing, if you're wondering what the shovel does, or if you have any other gameplay related questions, you should take a look at the Project Reality: BF2 Manual, which can also be found on the launcher. LAUNCHER_INITIALSETUP_FINISHED_TEXT3 If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, or you just want to share your thoughts on the game, please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media pages or via our forums.

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