Questions before dating my daughter

29-Sep-2018 17:24

Therefore, before you decide to tie the knot with the ONE you have been dreaming about spending the rest of your life with, ponder over the 14 questions below.Are you getting married, or plan to get married in the future?Life is unpredictable, therefore use these questions as a guide when deciding to get married.These questions will help you make a good decision, and not rush into getting married.And being able to understand it does not have to be your way all the time but OUR way will go a long way in ensuring you have a great marriage.

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You are not just marrying your partner, you are marrying his/her family too.And when your kids (if you have have kids) get older, it makes it easier to teach them what your beliefs are without having much conflict.If you do not the standards he/she has for a future spouse, its time to ponder about your decision again.If not, you would end up being unhappy with your spouse’s physical appearance, which could lead to other problems.