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He shakes his head and clears those thoughts from his mind. She would risk everything for this boy, and that scared her. well, that was exactly what had gotten them into this mess The question that left his lips didn’t shock him, even though he hadn’t planned on saying it. "Her heels against the gorgeously tiled floor sounded like a hammer hitting in the last nails on her marriage’s coffin." Sometimes you need to fall apart to truly come together. “Yeah, that was kind of a shocker.”Post 2x13 oneshot. And yes, he uses those terms.' Puck and Rachel's first time sucks. She stops feeling bad when she remembers that whole 'werewolves can kill vampires with one bite' thing, and pulls herself away from him, smiles a little bit and pours him some more bourbon. It's not like he's been waiting for her or anything. She waits for him to enter, and she almost rolls her eyes when she sees the walking cliché of a man trailing behind him. She doesn't mind much, because she thinks he looks amazing in a tie, not that she's going to tell him any of that. If the weather report is accurate, it appears that you won't be going anywhere until morning. She decided to move back to Tree Hill, and she had a secret.

He has a girlfriend and she’s standing in his bedroom crying about a boy that just broke up with her; broke her heart. He stood at the altar today and watched as the girl of his dreams walked down the aisle. He listened as she recited vows, and made promises, and said ‘I do’ . Someday was something he’d been waiting for, for nearly 2 years now. And sometimes you don't have the chance for either.“You guys are getting married, Lucas, it’s not such a stretch to imagine that you’d want to invite people. But still, the only thing he can do is grab her bags and tell her to come inside. She doesn't understand why this bodyguard has to come into her apartment at all. Puck/Rachel AUShe can't seem to focus on anything but the word spelled out in front of her on the test in her hand. She most definitely should - they aren't even together - but she doesn't think twice about picking up the phone and calling him. Then again, he told her he loves her, so maybe she could say something. I'm uncomfortable with your serious lack of inhibitions right now."He's got a reputation that she just doesn't fit into, and yet he can't leave her alone. Well, it wasn't really a secret, it was just that no one knew.

A man whose book is continuously changing her life. Just the ticking of the clock in the room, reminding him with each passing second that he wouldn't be getting any sleep. Lucas would tell her he wanted her, and she'd smile and fly into his arms, and that would be that. Sometimes the route you take leads you right back where you started from. Oneshot She was just a little girl, with blonde curls and her hands buried in the sand. There are reminders of him everywhere, even in a city she knows he's never been to. LP Oneshot He hangs up the phone after a call he hadn't been expecting, and he wishes that he was with her, gazing into her eyes and seeing the look on her face as she'd said those words to him. They used to be happy together, once upon a time, and now all he had were tattered photographs and fading memories. Her best friends are determined to help her through it - especially Lucas. What happens when she comes back to town and everything she'd left behind?

But she fakes it, and then she goes home and finds comfort in the words of a man she's only met once. LPShe'd always held out a little hope that maybe one day when they were older and wiser and mature enough not to mess it up, they'd be together. The biggest secret of all, is that they never should have let each other go in the first place. Maybe so, but when wounds bring two friends back together, has enough time passed to heal the ones that tore them apart in the first place? She's walking slippery streets alone, wondering if he's missing her like she's missing him. Peyton couldn't bring herself to feel anything but hatred for that woman, and all because she had Lucas. Their orchestrated happiness couldn't make her stay. If it was possible, she missed him more now that she had to see him nearly every day. And why is it so easy to care for the one person she had wanted so badly to hate? Semi AU: Peyton never thought she'd be 27 and divorced and living in a city so far from home.

"Her people-always-leaving complex has faded away over the past few years, because she’s got two very important people who always, unconditionally, come back." Oneshot. She sees a boy and a girl – teenagers – standing near the gate for a departing flight and they embrace tightly before kissing fiercely. But they work so well because all they want is each other. I know this idea has been dragged through the mud it's been done so many times, but those of you who know me know I will do my best to keep it different. The way his letters have become less frequent, bordering on nonexistent, the way he doesn’t ask about her job or the new life she’s making for herself. Nate/Serena Oneshot Tree Hill High is divided into very distinct cliques. Her voice is small and he wants to hold her when she asks, "Do you miss me?

They feel so perfect in his that it momentarily freezes him. LPish For a moment - and it’s just a single moment in time - Lucas’s inner voice whispers that had she not needed to be saved yet again, there would’ve been no reason for him to run into that building and Keith would still be alive. She could only see his profile, but that was more than enough to make her move instinctively in his direction. The scene it all too familiar and she grumbles again. LPSince everything had imploded in such spectacular fashion, their paths hadn’t crossed often. They knew public interaction wasn’t on the cards, and private interaction… LP'He's promised her over and over again that he's amazing and she'll love sex as much as he does as soon as he gives it to her. She vaguely registers Quinn's sister saying things like 'car accident' and 'dead on impact' and 'they're gone, Rachel.' But who in the world would trust the man next to her with raising a child? AU.18 months after they broke up and she ran away to Paris, she comes back. The jocks and the cheerleaders, and the intellectuals and the artists. " He lets out a breath that sounds a little like a laugh, and he says, just as quietly; "I do." LP Oneshot It had been eight years since she last saw Lucas.

The one time basketball star and his high school sweetheart wife. LP semi AUShe can't control herself when she's around him. She struggles to stop color from flooding her cheeks, but it's no use. He’s the boy she married in front of all their stuffed animals. He’s the person who taught her how to tie her shoes. "Whoever loses has to be the other's slave."Puck/Rachel/Will. Puck/Rachel Oneshot It's a natural progression, a slow burn from childhood friends, to teenaged friends, to adult friends. LP Oneshot They're with one another constantly, doing whatever they can together and falling asleep wherever they do. Maybe not surprisingly, most of those things have to do with her.

They’re four people who are intertwined in more ways then one. The father of her children and the love of her life. He loves that there’s no talk about not staying in constant contact and it’s not awkward to just be quiet around each other. She can't deny it any longer, so she simply hides it. "Puck sees what's going on during the last half of their senior year, and he doesn't like it.

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The glee club’s getting ready for Nationals, and Quinn’s getting ready to be prom queen. VOICEOVER: But at least he’s got Blaine and the Warblers, who just lost at Regionals to the New Directions. (Cut to ARTIE looking scared; Cut to BRITTANY and SANTANA in SANTANA’s room) BRITTANY: This relationship is really confusing for me. BRITTANY: Well, sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s salty. DOCTOR: It’s a clean break, so I-I won’t have to set it. "She knows it's not healthy, but she can mark the chapters in her life using the men that were there. Angsty LP oneshot He's different in more noticeable, more important ways. She thinks that she leaves a part of herself with them every time they walk or she runs."Things change. A friendship that blossomed into a romance just before it crashed and burned. If it weren't such a cry for help or weird character trait that she's sure has some deep psychological root, she'd almost laugh. Cognitive scientist and public intellectual Steven Pinker urges us to step back from the gory headlines and prophecies of doom, and instead, follow the data: In seventy-five jaw-dropping graphs, Pinker shows that life, health, prosperity, safety, peace, knowledge, and happiness are on the rise.

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