Random acces file updating

12-Aug-2018 10:41

Read Bytes(Rec Size) 'No positionng required ' Process the B array Loop '... The processing for that type of file would involve reading a byte at a time, assembling the byte array, until the Eo R marker is detected.

Close() The other possibility is that the records are separated by a record marker.

In the comment above the call to the Random Access File constructor, it says that it opens the file for both reading and writing.

That confused me because the call to the constructor only had "r" in the second argument instead of "rw".

To use this for variable length records, it is usually necessary to get the record length first.

methods all advance the file pointer to the next byte, so only one positioning statement is required per record, unless you are reading randomly within the record.

I apologize, I don't understand what you're trying to say. kind regards, Jos well, i'v read some where that for creating a random access file we should spesify an exact size for every record which we want to keep.

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keyword="3C1E4426-0B80-443E-B943-0627CD55D48B"' Public B() As Char 'DSG --- shape ie "W" or "C" 2 Dim C As Single 'DN --- nominal depth of section 4 Dim d As Single 'WGT --- weight 4 . Dim i,ffr,f Length,lastmemb No as integer section Found = False Dim std As new Std Sections f Length = Len(std) If f Length = 0 Then f Length = 168 ' 177 ffr = Free File() File Open(ffr, File1, Open Mode.

The real advantage of random access files is as their name implies, once they are opened, they can be read from or written to in a random manner just by using a record number or you can add to the end since you will know how many records are in the file.

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