Reaction of father on daughter dating

06-Feb-2019 04:50

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In the introductory piece to the segment, Wilkos said that he wanted to make sure that the story was legitimate before taking it on and had asked for proof, which sources say came in the form of a video showing the couple having sex.

Britney explained to Steve Wilkos: 'I was 16 when I looked for him on Myspace.He replied: 'I'm not preying on her, yes I'm sleeping with her but it's not like I'm abusing her or something.'Morgan said he did not see a problem with what he was doing and said that when he looked at his daughter all he could see was his soul mate.Though he did reveal he would not cross the line when it came to having babies, in case the child would be 'retarded'.She told Wilkos she was two months behind on her period.

But when he questioned her further, she revealed she wanted to get pregnant on purpose, telling him that she believed there was 'no scientific proof it would come out all weird'.

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