Reading dating signs

18-Oct-2018 14:20

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*Other signs fangirling as they spy on Taurus behind a bush* Gemini: They'd be the fun girlfriend/boyfriend that likes to do interesting things like paintball.

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dating people with kids

Secrets arouse suspicion—and often for good reason.

No one can legitimately claim it is “harmless” — though cheaters often try. Keep asking until you are satisfied with the answer.

Allowing yourself to be in the dark only puts a dark cloud over the entire relationship.

Your partner gives evasive answers to simple questions.

If your partner develops a new defensiveness or sensitivity to requests for information about where he/she has been, the person may be hiding something and is afraid you’ll put two and two together. Do you feel closed out to certain aspects of your partner’s life?You need to be careful not to do anything wrong, though, as they can become furious and not trusting if you make a mistake that costs your relationship.Sagittarius: Don't like dating that much, they need to be free and independent, they can't be weighed down by someone else.Your partner is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy with you.

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