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12-Sep-2018 15:01

L'intellectualisme, si brillant soit-il, n'a jamais remplacé le sentiment vécu, même dans une discipline scientifique." Jacq, 1983, p.7, my italics.

The fact "remote viewing" (the ability to access and provide accurate information through psychic means, about a person, place, object or event, that is inaccessible through any normally accepted means, regardless of distance, shielding or time) actually exists, begs the question 'How' ?

In the Old Kingdom, he alone was the real center of the divine on earth, for the spirits and souls of the deities existed in the sky.

These gods & goddesses could allow their "kau" and "bau" to accept the invitation spoken and enacted by the priests.

Parapsychology prompts philosophy to reconsider the importance of magic and the magical.

Egyptology must bear the exercise too, for we know in Ancient Egypt magic ("heka") was the cornerstone of all major & minor state cults as well as being crucial in the personal piety of the commoner.

"La magie égyptienne est une vision du monde qui éclaire des zones à la fois lumineuses et obscures de l'âme humaine.

Instead of focusing on the objective (like a physical theory allowing for these unexplainable events - cf.

It must have been an Egyptian custom for young men to wear earrings. Like I have said it may be acceptable in some customs and religions but certainly.… continue reading »

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The women went to the bride's house, while the men went to the groom's house. Ancient Egyptian marriage customs are the most effective marriage customs.… continue reading »

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The ancient Egyptian burial process evolved over time as old customs were discarded and new ones adopted, but several. For men the objects depicted were.… continue reading »

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