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As early as 1818 the Argillite Furnace was opened not far from Bath, Kentucky as served as the beginning of the iron industry in that region.More furnaces were built and soon iron from Hanging Rock Iron Region became nationally known, due to the high quality of the product.1 at the box office for three weeks, the longest winning streak of the summer.

Jackson upcoming film 'Freedomland' comes to theaters February 17.The test of a movie star’s power is getting people to see a lousy movie (like Tom Cruise in Cocktail), and Jackson, who did brilliant work in obscurity until his mid-40s, not only jolted the formulaic buddy-comedy chase-thriller script to life, he rewrote some of the Hitman script to make it sing — and of course he incorporated his signature phrase, “mother#@&*@*! ” Without his skills, the film wouldn’t have been No. In 1980, Jackson married La Tanya Richardson, with whom he has one daughter, Zoe. His father lived away from the family, in Kansas City, Missouri, and later died from alcoholism; Jackson had only met his father twice during his life.