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14-Feb-2019 03:10

But sadly, behind the scenes, the actress’s life was spiralling out of control.

Yet she still managed to keep her alcoholism and free-falling career trajectory away from the adoring Yorkshire public.

The wealth of photos and autographs we unearthed is incredible.

Including one of the Hollywood legend attending a fete in – wait for it – Brighouse!

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We filmed in the Midland Hotel Bradford and the Imperial Hotel in Halifax, along with location shoots around Yorkshire.

Jayne Mansfield was the Golden Age of Hollywood’s star self-publicist.

It’s strange to consider that back in the fifties Hollywood stars did not sell and brand themselves that much – they were movie stars and that was enough.

It made me smile as, here we are in 2012, once again talking and writing about Jayne Mansfield and her strange little visit to West Yorkshire.

I figured the self publicist in Jayne would have been delighted that she was still causing a fuss, all those years after the event.

The pictures were found by a lady whose husband had passed away and had just been lying around for years.