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People commonly greet one another with the phrase "¿Q'hubo vé, bien o qué? Thong sandals are referred to as chanclas, and plastic bags (bolsas elsewhere) are called chuspas.

As in other areas, a chocha here is another crude word for "vagina". A pachanguero is someone who dances/parties all night long.

The Caribbean or Coastal (costeño) dialect is spoken in the Caribbean Region of Colombia.

It shares many of the features typical of Caribbean Spanish generally, and is phonologically similar to Andalusian Spanish. The most notable and distinguishable varieties of Atlantic-coast Colombian accents are: Barranquilla (Considered the most articulated Spanish in America and mostly rhotic in upper-class speakers), Cartagena (Mostly non-rhotic and fast-spoken) and Montería (Sinú Valley Accent, strictly non-rhotic, plosive and very marked wording similar to received pronunciation in UK English) all varieties show a notable R-lessness.

This dialect is said to show strong influence of indigenous languages.

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The Caro and Cuervo Institute in Bogotá is the main institution in Colombia promoting the scholarly study of the language and literature of both Colombia and Spanish America generally.

It is spoken in the eastern plains of the country from the Cordillera Oriental (eastern mountain range of the Andes).

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