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The City Clerk, before revoking or suspending any employee permit, shall give the employee at least ten (10) days' written notice of the examination into his/her conviction record and the opportunity for a public hearing before the City Administrator or his/her designated representative, at which hearing the relevant facts regarding the occurrence of the conviction shall be determined.

All revocations or suspensions by the City Clerk are appealable to the Governing Body within ten (10) days of the revocation or suspension, provided the appeal must be in writing and delivered to the City.

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Any school or institution of learning accredited or licensed in the State in which it operates by the respective Board of Education or other governmental equivalent, which has for its purpose the teaching of the theory, method, profession or work of massage, which school requires a course of study not less than five hundred (500) hours to be given in not more than twenty-four (24) calendar months before the student shall be furnished with a diploma or certificate of graduation from such school or institution of learning following the successful completion of such course of study or learning.Authorization for the City, its agents and employees to seek information and conduct an investigation into the truth of the statements set forth in the application and the qualifications of the applicant for the permit.Any person employed to perform any services in a massage establishment or in-office massage therapy establishment, as defined herein, shall file a written application with the City Clerk and pay an annual filing fee as set out in Section 103.050(F)(3) of this Code which shall not be refundable or prorated.Those premises where a private or public commercial enterprise is conducted, but specifically not to include businesses conducted in a private residence, premises used for joint residential and business purposes, hotels and motels.

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