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Chen's historical novel takes on life in mid-century Maoist China, where patriarch Ah Zhai has made a difficult decision in order to secure his family's escape to Hong Kong.

But when his devotedly Maoist pre-teen son draws unwanted scrutiny on the family, they're forced to leave their younger daughter behind.

Endearing and intimate, Kauffman steers clear of veering into cliché, reviving a well-worn premise into something exciting and new. After Alice is dragged to Tangier by her inattentive husband, her anxious, house-bound days are disrupted when Lucy, her college roommate with a questionable past, turns up unannounced and seems to start subtly assuming Alice’s identity.

With the film rights already optioned by George Clooney’s production company, this release is a perfect opportunity to get ahead of the book club curve.

Gods, fairy princesses and familial bonds populate the landscape of March's new books, while politically-charged topics like immigration, trans activism, and women's healthcare comprise some of the month's must-reads.

Here, 18 books to help you spring into the new season.

As Jean becomes involved in a controversy over the city culling wild foxes and Attila attempts to help an old lover track down a missing boy, their own stories unfold through an elegant, sometimes unsettling meditation on war, cruelty and fear—in nature and of man's own making.

author incisively analyzes white heterosexual privilege and the immigrant experience with this story of Nibu, a young Nigerian-American man whose parents find gay dating apps—playfully installed by his white, straight friend Meredith—on his phone.

From shrugging off the side effects of hormonal birth control to popularizing the male-specific symptoms of heart problems, the medical establishment has a poor history of taking women's health issues seriously —a history that editor Dusenbery takes on with full force in her new book.From a cyclops filling out an online dating profile to a small-town mayor proclaiming a sex day to encourage procreation ando a terminally-ill couple finding a surgical method to literally be together forever, each tale looks to the future in its own particular, touching way.A dying man and his disabled son travel as census takers in Jesse Ball's thoughtful, dystopian-influenced novel.In Kauffman's vivid, layered new novel, five former friends reunite for the first time since high school to mourn the death of a sixth friend who committed suicide.

This gathering brings to light their own issues, as they contend with the mystery of why their friend abandoned them years before, the things that once brought them together, and the things that have kept them apart for so long.Torn away from one another and swimming upstream against misogyny, poverty, and abuse, the two grow up on parallel tracks, yet fate, it seems, is determined to bring them back together in this nuanced, sometimes brutal Natalia Sylvester follows the travails of the Bravo family through two generations as they deal with the precarious realities of citizenship and immigration, legal and otherwise.The discovery and fallout from the apps has a profound effect on both Nibu and Meredith's lives, as the novel explores the abuse, denial and guilt that follows them through the subsequent years.

Days ago. Fairy princesses, familial bonds, and touching memoirs are ready to hit your bookshelf next month.… continue reading »

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