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On the plus side, Lucy's female-writing posse (who are all heroines of their own book - stories TBR) was interesting and provided several funny and lighthearted moments - especially Maddie, she was a riot and I'm looking forward to reading her book! CRITICISMFor me, the book had two major problems that I just could not get over and that were tied to one another in that they both have to do with the fact that Lucy and Quinn start off their relationship by "lying" to one another - I put lying in quotations only because although it's 100% accurate, they are both using covers for valid professional reasons.But still, it makes the love story and how it plays out completely implausible for me.(1) Quinn thinks Lucy is a serial killer ...This is the first book in Gibson series about 4 friends who are successful writers in different genres and while I enjoyed her funny lines, fast paced writing style and nice characters I couldn't overcome the fact that the plot was a bit of a letdown for me. She writes thrillers and is currently researching a new story about a killer who chooses his victims online so she sets up a few dates through an online dating site.Quinn is a police officer investigating a series of crimes where the victims also used an online dating site and as far as he can tell Lucy has the right profile and has dated all the victims so he sets up a date with her to see if she is the real killer.WRITER FRIENDS SERIES1) Sex, Lies, and Online Dating - Lucy Rotschild and Quinn Mc Intyre2) I'm In No Mood For Love - Clare Wingate and Sebastian Vaughan3) Tangled Up In You - Maddie Dupree and Mick Hennessy4) Not Another Bad Date - Adele Harris and Zach Zemaitis BOTTOM LINERead It Must Be Love, See Jane Score, or Truly Madly Yours instead.Those are all by Rachel Gibson and much better than Sex, Lies, and Online Dating.and he keeps on thinking she's a serial killer because everything keeps pointing in her direction ... Ummm, so that's fine, but let's be upfront here: he obviously is just lusting after her and likes her body, because if he's liking her for her mind or her personality ...

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The part of the book that fails for me is the mystery.

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Read “Sex, Lies, and Online Dating” by Rachel Gibson online on Bookmate – She explained the trouble with Valentine's Day as if you didn't know! Now Rachel.… continue reading »

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Sex, Lies, and Online Dating Writer Friends Rachel Gibson on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She explained the trouble with Valentine's Day.… continue reading »

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