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It was back before everyone was paranoid about being accused of things. I was shipped off to a private bording school by my parents, who pulled me from public school after a teacher was arrested for selling drugs on campus. It was great because I got out of a day's school, and my math teacher and myself drove there and back. One day my and my best friend Grace (fake name) we're sitting on the couch talking. When I was on the ground Grace said that she could see my underwear. The only people left were me and my fellow drum line... I had a female gum teacher who was known for watching the guys change in the locker rooms.

I thought bording school was going to be filled with preps from rich families, and for the most part, that was true, but it lead... she never would ware a bra, she always had a button up shirt on and she would not button up some of the top buttons.

Zehnder (seen in the adjacent mug shot) appeared today in a Houston courtroom, where a judge set her bail at ,000.

Zehnder, an Ohio native, is a Kent State University graduate, according to her Facebook page.

I was far too naive at the time to recognize her lies and manipulation.” The judge agreed: “The court is convinced that the accused used the victim to satisfy her own sexual needs, thus exploiting the victim’s naïveté, his lack of maturity, his dependence and his trust.” Canadian law is clear that a minimum jail sentence must occur in sexual charges involving children, meaning those under age 16, the age of consent; when an adult is in a position of authority or trust, however, that age rises to 18. Sentencing in the Pont­briand case, as well as the two-year prison term given former Calgary school teacher Jennifer Mason in July for sexually exploiting a 16-year-old, recognize the severity of the crime. In April, Kim Gervais, a 37-year-old former elementary school teacher in Timmins, Ont., was given seven months in jail and two years of probation for “abhorrent” breach of trust after pleading guilty to three counts of sexual interference and one count of inviting for a sexual purpose involving four male students who were 12 and 13 at the time. In March, 59-year-old Deborah Marion Ralph, a former Langley, B.

Yet a cultural double standard persists in attitudes toward and legal treatment of male and female teachers who sexually exploit students. C., elementary school teacher, avoided jail after pleading guilty to sexual interference with a student who was 11 when a three-year relationship began in 1998; Ralph was 44.

The french teacher was unlike most of the other teachers at... Because of this, every student shared a room with a teacher. The person couldn't come for some reason, so the art teacher asked another teacher to come in and model, and it happened to be my... When we finished we all went upstairs to be picked up by our parents.

students, including myself, on a trip to go on a college trip. When I was about 15 my parents held a pool party at our house. As soon as my mother arrived and we were ready to leave, she asked me where my...

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But after being “confronted with the phone messages” on the boy’s phone, Zehnder admitted having sex with the teenager.Evidence shown to the court included coded messages left in the student’s locker and gifts such as the engraved dog tags the teacher gave the student after their first sexual encounter: “BFF. 19-05-02.” In a written statement, the student stated that Pontbriand ended it after he entered CEGEP, saying she’d met someone new.He went to police in 2007 after being expelled; later he claimed the relationship left him depressed and suicidal.In August, Quebec Justice Valmont Beaulieu stated the obvious when he addressed the double standard in the treatment of teachers who have sex with students: “The sexual exploitation of a male adolescent by a female teacher must be punished just the same as a male posing the same actions toward a female adolescent,” he said before sentencing Tania Pontbriand to 20- and 18-month jail terms to be served concurrently, plus two years probation.

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