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True, healthcare doesn't sound as sexy as the latest fitness tracking technology.

But some of the latest advancements are just as relevant to you. As early as 2011, researchers discovered that they could analyze tweets to determine how and where the flu was spreading.

It also lets you record your temperature and symptoms and track when you took meds, which is helpful if you decide to talk to a doctor later on, and gives you treatment suggestions.

Other companies like Be Well Connect make smart blood pressure monitors, scales, and more. Rogers says that there are researchers developing a technology like Google Glass that surgeons could wear in the OR that would display the patients' info and vital stats right in their line of vision."There are a lot of innovations that are happening in the U. right now that are unbelievable and exciting," asserts Dr. And even though he doesn't think there's any substitute for the old-fashioned, face-to-face doctor's visit, chances are everything else surrounding health is going to continue to change—for the better—in the upcoming years.

And everyone can benefit from their follow-up services.

Say, for example, you see your doctor and are diagnosed with a medicine that you're not so sure about.

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The "nudges" also give you a chance to air any issues you've been having since your visit, like a bad reaction to a medicine or worsening symptoms.

But in this arena, tech doesn't always change things for the better, some experts think.

"One big trend we've seen is patients using electronic communication to get diagnosed or ask for medications via text, phone call, or video-chat," says Ralph Rogers, M. D., a sports physician and an expert in telemedicine and digital health.

As anyone who remembers the dark days of landlines and dial-up Internet connections will tell you, technology has been evolving at a mind-blowing pace.

And while we talk a lot about what new tech innovations mean for your workouts or your diet or even your social life, something that gets less attention is how the changes impact healthcare.

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