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04-Sep-2018 23:34

You can also have a completely random conversation to avoid awkward silences and moments.

If you aren't playing a game, and need these questions to initiate conversation, just use a few of them.

Skype can also be used to call landlines or mobile phones, meaning no matter where you are, a fake bank could put you in real danger.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only way scammers are making their voices — or at least their text messages — heard.

Arguably the best known video conferencing tool out there, Skype seems about as basic as pumpkin spiced lattes in the autumn.

However, there are a few things you don't know about the video giant, and some of them can certainly work in your favor.

Smishing and vishing Several recent reports have highlighted the dangers of “smishing” scams, which send unsolicited text messages telling recipients they need to contact their bank immediately.

Since Skype is a popular global tool, it's not surprising that there are some countries and industries which have banned it.

In fact, there are some network administrators that have nixed the use of Skype for certain education, corporate, home, and government networks due to "inappropriate usage of resources" or using too much bandwidth.

Security concerns are also an issue for some network administrators.

Scammers have taken to making calls via Skype — the popular Voice over IP (Vo IP) calling software — and attempting to scare victims into downloading and installing rogue antivirus software, Brian Krebs wrote this week on his Krebs on Security blog.

Skype has more than 600 million users and, like other Vo IP services, is very inexpensive, giving criminals an enticing new pool from which to draw.

Remember, these random questions will help you kick-start the conversation, but it is more important how you build on it.