Snsd members dating

24-Nov-2018 11:25

SM have been coasting on the “SM brand” for a little too long with their biggest girl group, churning out rushed choreography, albums filled with filler tracks and underwhelming stage shows with the hopes that “Girls’ Generation” is enough of a drawcard to keep the fans coming back.Many fans are aware of this manipulation, of course, but continue to support the girls out of love for the group.In an interview last month, the vocalist of the K-indie group Nell, Kim Jong Wan, claimed that SNSD were “the beginning and end of girl groups.” By this I think he meant of the ideal of what a K-pop girl group could be.If this is true, then what are K-pop girl groups really about?On top of that, SNSD’s dominance wasn’t fair to a lot of people who did not fit their mould.We need female idols that are less obedient and less aesthetically pleasing i.e. That said, even if you didn’t like what they represented, there was something about SNSD’s success, budget and sheer numbers that made it seem like they were the ones who could really take things to the next level for girls in K-pop.I’m sure it’s a feeling that many fans of older artists understand.

If SM want to keep this relationship going, they need to produce something really worth celebrating again – something fresh that can legitimise the group’s dominance to the public and let the fandom acquiesce some authority back to the company.

With speculation that SNSD’s contracts could be ending this year and a new SM girl group to debut, a certain fatalistic feeling is starting to attach itself to the group. We used to view Bo A and TVXQ as individual artists, but for this reason, we started to view them as SM artists.

The SM brand now has its own profit value.” Are SNSD really on their way out?

The Korea Times recently speculated that SM are choosing to confirm dating rumours because they are planning to end the group soon.

We can’t know for certain whether this is true, but what SM’s actions reveal regardless is that SNSD no longer need to be available to the public as “the nation’s girl group.” They are no longer public property.

I feel like within the overlapping spheres of business, fan culture and, the physical idols themselves, something was created in Soshi that we might not see again.

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Snsd sunny dating rumor. Mar 31, - The other day, on the TV variety show Sunny appeared, she was asked if she was dating with someone like other members. She said, “I'm not to see him. On the other hand, both of their agencies denied their romantic relationship saying that they were just friends and that kind of rumor.… continue reading »

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Apr 15, 2014. You know, the same thought occurred to me as I saw the news about the members dating leak out and then get confirmed by SM. Something about that felt like the end of an era, and I'm not a SONE or anything. sunnycah15. why did u comment hereif your not a sone. this is only belong to the SNSD fans.… continue reading »

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