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21-Oct-2018 01:36

"Our biggest challenge right now will be answering all the questions that school boards and administrators are going to have about liability issues and all the other pieces that haven't been put in place yet," Monson said.

Communities from Idaho to Georgia have been inspired to “require” or recommend their residents arm themselves ever since a gunman killed 26 youngsters and educators Dec.

“They wanted to send an anti-crime message, also,” Graydon said.

And it has worked, he argued, with crime staying low.

South Dakota on Friday passed a law allowing teachers and other personnel to carry firearms in the state’s schools, the first of its kind since the Connecticut school shooting.

Backed by gun rights supporters, the Maine ordinance is intended to pre-emptively block gun-control laws, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills said, adding that it will be “null and void” even if it passes.

That’s what happened this week in Sabattus, another town in Maine, where the selectmen took the police chief’s advice and voted not to send a similar proposal to voters.

David Marsters, a retiree in Sabbatus, had proposed the ordinance, saying it would act as a hedge against crime.

14 in a school in Newtown, Connecticut, and raised fears among gun owners about an impending restriction on Second Amendment rights.It is pre-empted by a 2011 state law that bars municipalities from adopting firearm regulations.“I think the town is going to have to shoot it down,” Mills said Friday."They get to work out the details in the days ahead," he said.

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"They've just kind of been waiting and watching to see if this even would pass." Monson said school districts are going to want to know how the bill's passage will affect them.

Spring City, Utah, moved forward with an ordinance this year “recommending” the idea of keeping firearms.

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