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A machine like this at home might not stop you popping into Starbucks, but it does expand the brand.

The next time you go in to a branch for a coffee, you can stock up on these capsules, too.

I think they got a new writer.” Myunghoon’s two eyes widened to the max.

It wasn’t just about the writer, it was the fact that Suhee gave up on him and selected another writer that made him furious.

Myunghoon looked like a person who lost his country for a while and looked towards the ceiling.

He knew that Suhee was not the type of girl to make jokes.

The butler called the maids to clean up the mess and carefully asked Myunghoon. She said that since this is the first time that she got the main role, she wanted you to com…” Myunghoon widened his eyes and yelled. There is a person that just takes away your stress when you meet them. I’m feeling really bad.” For the first in a long time, he had trouble thinking. This wasn’t a problem that could be fixed by Se Gunwoo’s skill. ‘It’s been about 2 hours, but i could only write this much? Let me keep writing.’ Jaegun with patience started to write again.

“I know.” “And there is a meeting that starts at 7 about the woman’s new work. This is an animal and I’ll be late because of some business, so can I drop it off myself? Jaegun put down the package he got from Starbooks and replied. As long as you’re not coming here just for this, I’m fine.” “No, it’s fine. He could imagine Somii’s healthy and cheerful smile. “Ah, maybe it’s because I haven’t wrote in so long. Maybe it was because he hadn’t wrote a dating novel, but it was really hard to write. He moved the dialogue to the end, and started writing with the setting of the quest. But it felt that the hands couldn’t keep up with the mind. ‘Maybe it’s because of a new style that I’m not used to writing. ’ Not writing the girl dialogue to not writing 10,000 letters per hour, maybe it was because he lost Se Gunwoo’s power. It was a nightmare thinking of going back to his past self.

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You’re busy…” “I just can’t leave you going like this.

It is slightly clunky in design compared with some of the slicker machines, but it created a fairly good crema and has some clever functions.