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Getting a SSOSA Sentence—Making the Case Persuasively.Convincing a Judge to grant a SSOSA sentence is not always easy, and the number of SSOSAs granted in Washington has steadily declined in recent years to approximately 100 per year statewide.Winskill has the knowledge to represent all clients aggressively.As a lawyer and advocate, his ultimate goal is always dismissal.In order to get this option a defendant must be eligible, have a favorable evaluation, and meet other challenging criteria.In order for a defendant to obtain a SSOSA they must: At the Meryhew Law Group we have many years of experience working with community based treatment and successfully placing our clients in the SSOSA program.Sex Offender Treatment In Washington Many of our cases result in our clients participating in a psychosexual evaluation and eventually in a Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).

The wrong choice of evaluator, and poor preparation for the evaluation, can have lasting negative consequences.Brad Meryhew has pioneered a method for attorneys to prepare their clients for psychosexual evaluations that has proven to achieve excellent results for clients. Despite popular opinion, the fact is that specialized sexual offender treatment has proven to be effective in reducing re-offense by participants in treatment, and in improving the quality of life for offenders and their families.A growing body of social science research has demonstrated the effectiveness of sex offender treatment, and efforts continue to refine the methods and test the outcomes of treatment.Located in Tacoma, Washington, the Law Offices of Donald W.

Winskill, practices solely in criminal defense law. Winskill spent four years working at the prosecutor's office assigned to the Sex Offense Unit.

SSOSA offenders receive a sentence of zero to twelve months in a County Jail, with a long prison sentence suspended so long as they complete the program successfully.