The candidating process for a pastor things not to say online dating

22-Dec-2018 21:20

By allow­ing both parties (the church and the prospective candidate) to see each other’s forms, an initial evaluation can be made to see if there is good reason to pursue obtaining more information directly from each other.

Once the church information has been completed in the “Account” section and a ministry position posting has been created and then processed by our office, you’ll be provided access to view a “Resume Book” of potential candidates.

Most men retain their current ministry position while seeking another ministry position.

It is important that their availability for a change in ministry be known only to the search committee and that this knowledge be held in strict confidence by each committee member.

It will likely be necessary for you to print out various resumes for use by the search committee seeking to fill a position.

However, this information should not be shared with the church in general or with others outside your search committee and certainly not with others outside your church.

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You will receive an email one week in advance to let you know that you must choose to either extend your posting or indicate that someone has taken the position.

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Specific instructions will be included in the email.

Important note: If you change your email address, please update your profile so that you will continue to receive these email notifications.

If you have a particular need to have this information withheld, please contact Church Staffing Services for assistance.

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