Thera explosion dating

29-Jul-2018 11:50

Quarry workers, digging out the pumice for use in the manufacture of cement for the Suez Canal, chanced upon some stone walls in the middle of their quarry.

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The Akrotiri site has not yielded huge amounts of gold, silver and bronze artifacts, nothing on the scale that might have been expected had the inhabitants been caught unawares.

(Related story: "'Lost Kingdom' Discovered on Volcanic Island in Indonesia [February 27, 2006].) The researchers, partially funded by the National Geographic Society, obtained the new data by conducting the first seismic survey of the seabed near Santorini.

Eruption of Thera Eruption of Thera. 1980s from a Greenland ice-core and from tree-ring and radiocarbon dating. islands in the sea-filled explosion crater of.… continue reading »

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