Things to know when dating a jewish girl

25-Nov-2018 17:58

When he was 16 months old, I discovered that my husband was having an affair.

He told me he was in love with the other woman and wanted a divorce. If there were cracks in our relationship, he had not communicated them to me.

He was a nice secular guy from Seattle whose religious identity was rooted in memories of hanging stockings on Christmas and eating chocolate on Easter.

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When my boyfriend asked my parents for my hand in marriage, he reassured my father that he understood the importance of Judaism in our lives and would honor and uphold Jewish traditions and values.Without hesitation he answered, "No." Yet I feel otherwise. I worry that I failed at the most important relationship in my life and will be judged by the Jewish community.After all, nice Jewish girls don't get divorced, right?I didn't think he would have had the heart to do it, but the relationship ended before his will was tested.

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