Think like a guy dating intimidating edgy personality

08-Jan-2019 12:14

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The author of that book found an easy way to make a dollar, and people are buying it.

For criminy's sake, the author of that book is advocating LYING and DECEIT in order to get or keep a man??

Perhaps you could include them in your wedding vows, that way my friends and family can share the surprise.• The first time you sleep over, wake up early and sneak out without saying goodbye or leaving a note.

But let's address them one by one from someone who thinks like a guy:• Don’t seem too interested in kids, babies and puppies when they are around Well as long as you don't run from the room screaming at the mere sight of a puppy or a child, then that's fine; also, don't hold up the baby and ask when we're going to have one on the first date.• When you first start dating, don’t call him unless you have something to say.Though if all you have to share is unnecessary information, then maybe hold some of it back for later conversation spicing.I cannot marvel on a daily basis at how much kibble you fed your cat or your new shoe laces.• Don’t reveal all your deeper, darkest secrets (a past eating disorder, childhood issues) until there is a ring on your finger. I don't want to know who you really are until it's too late.It would be hard to do something against your nature.

Instead, think "me, me, me" and think like the woman your are ( make the idiot run, not hang out).

Let him initiate the conversation.• Don’t admit you fall in love easily, or that you’ve been in love soooo many times.• Never kiss on the first date, no matter how great it was or how much you are dying to kiss him So guys and girls do you believe any of these tips to be true? Folks should just do whatever feels RIGHT and NATURAL to them.