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Here is the email address for Michael Geraghty, Alaska's Attorney General. But if I can't see justice done for myself and my sister, I need to at least make sure that my father can't harm anyone else. I couldn't prevent her abuse, but if I can help just one other person who may read this blog, then maybe some good can come from all of this. I hope you feel some relief and are edging toward moving through this for yourself, and feel some sort of minor vindication in calling him out publicly. The bravery it took for you to write this is incalculable. although you alluded to this all those years ago I never knew the effect it had on you and your family... I'm just thankful that the person wasn't my Father, not that it makes what happened to either of us any better.

Maybe if enough people email or Facebook them, they'll decide it is worth pursuing. If I can get information to one person about how to heal from past abuse, or let them know that I have been there too, that I am still there, that it is possible to keep living, to be happy, to move beyond it, I've got to try. Michael Gray via email at [email protected] phone: 907-451-5970 and ask him to prosecute my father, Stephen "Rocky" Morrisette. Three and a half years from posting this and the update is that my dad gets to go free. I'm so sorry for what your father to you and your sisters. I had a friend, also with a father in the military, who actually did press charges against her father, and had him on the registry. But then she turns around and allows him to visit her and will leave her children alone with him!

For the first time that someone had asked me this question, my answer was unequivocally, 'yes.' As I'm sure you can imagine, having to dredge up these old memories and emotions wasn't easy. I realize that I have done a great disservice to society by NOT saying something sooner.

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And at 15 years old I was told that my father was moving back into our house, with me and my three younger sisters, whether I liked it not. I was terrified of being asked to leave and go back.) After being shuffled like that for months, the mom in the current family I was living with said, "Look, you can't keep hiding. I'm writing this post because I'm no longer a child.I didn't want Eric in the room with me, so he waited right outside for me until I was done. I emailed my father and asked him again, did you abuse my sisters? While I was there my sister told me she had contacted the Air Force (my father is retired USAF) and was attempting to press charges about the past abuse.When I confronted my father in front of the therapist, I asked him point blank if he had abused any of my other sisters. Why, after so many years had passed, was she pressing charges now?" my husband , Eric, asked me when we were first dating and I told him about my past. Because I want to move on with my life and I don't want to re-live it." Eric has always been supportive of me.

Years ago, when I told him that I had asked my father to drive out to San Diego for a joint therapy session so I could confront him in person, Eric offered to be there. It wasn't until years later that my sister contacted me to share her own story of abuse. It is not really the sort of thing you chit chat about. -------------------------- "Will you help me press charges against dad? A few months ago, my family and I flew up to San Diego to visit relatives and pick up items for our sail across the South Pacific.The thought that my father was now continuing to abuse the next generation made me physically ill. I moved out of the house when I was 16 so I wouldn't have to live another minute with my father.It took me awhile to realize that by trying to forget my past and move on, I had been putting others at great risk. And my father retired from the Air Force..became a High School teacher. I recently got an email from one of the investigators at OSI, (the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.) They were updating me on the investigation and said that they can't find an Attorney General in any of the states they have been investigating my father in, that will prosecute because of the statue of limitations. My dad was institutionalized because of a mental breakdown.Because I have a voice and I don't have to be silent anymore.

Jan 10, 2014. The incident above, done when my father thought I was asleep, is what first blatantly registered to my young mind as abuse. My father. It is not really the sort of thing you chit chat about. I emailed my. And my dad is currently living in Taos County, New Mexico, as an unregistered sex offender. Do I want to.… continue reading »

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