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07-Feb-2019 22:56

Remove the Add On's old folder(s) from your Interface\Add Ons folder and then paste the new one(s) in.Any Add On with in-game configuration saves its settings in the WTF folder.The "Close Automatically When Completed" property determines whether the window automatically closes when the process completes (both successfully and unsuccessfully).It defaults to "False" so that you can see if any errors occurred. upon startup, every x hours, etc), we recommend changing this to "True".

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This utility, however, is lightweight and makes it very easy to manage which addons are being updated, and to update them just by running a python script.

The "config.ini" file is used by the utility to find where to install the addons to, and where to get the list of mods from.

The default location to install the addons to is "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\Add Ons".

I think it's probably alright, but I don't really trust the ads in it (in the past people have claimed that they got a virus from it, but it's possible they may not have been using the real Curse Client). I just use the favourite system on the Curse (curse.com)/Wo W Interface (wowinterface.com) websites to keep track of which Add Ons I use.

Wo WI sends you an email when a favourite is updated, but unfortunately Curse doesn't.My biggest gripe with the new Twitch client is how long it takes to update the client itself on a slow connection, and how absolutely USELESS the progress indicator is: "Updating file 142 of 251" REALLY tells me a lot about how much data it needs and how long until it's done!But then, I'm an oldschool net user who likes having information readily at my fingertips. Lots of bloat that I don't use, lots of updates for that bloat...The "config.ini" file also has two other properties that you may not need to change.