Updating nvidia bootcamp driver macbook

25-Jun-2018 12:05

My expectations revolve around whether Nvidia releases graphic driver updates for Mac and how to check for pending updates. Apple makes its own drivers & they are included in the OS updates.

The way to be up to date on drivers is to always be running the latest OS.

(Mac OS X NVIDIA drivers are only available for Quadro-series boards, tho'.) It looks like Apple doesn't really bother to update the graphics driver...

On a Mid 2014 Mac Book Pro, running High Sierra, System Report tells me that the driver was last changed in October (so less than a month ago from when I'm writing this, roughly coinciding with the release of 10.13.1).

I don't know how to update Nvidia graphic card drivers on Mac Book Pro Retina.

I have been a Windows user and a gamer for a long time where we expect frequent driver updates.

I only realized all this because I had massive performance issues after the upgrade to High Sierra (with its brand new graphics subsystem, Metal2), so basically I wondered the same thing, "Do I need to update the drivers? With the drivers from Nvidia it's now a lot smoother.

I see my Nvidia card's support software always says new update available.

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