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The overwhelming popularity and use of Flash (FLV) video online for several years has created an entire cottage industry of software products devoted just to downloading Flash videos.Some of the Flash download products even refer to themselves as a “You Tube Downloader” because of the vast amount of Flash videos available on You Tube.You’re not just downloading a Flash player when you get the free version of Real Player.It also has several other features including a Flash video converter.However, be aware that Firefox is limiting the amount of Flash content it’s making available to users.Firefox has already started to create a list of Flash content that can be replaced with HTML since Flash tends to create crashes and affect battery life.In this post, we discuss how to download Flash video and save it on your computer.

One example, is to select a video in the Real Player library and click on More from the bottom menu and choose convert.

If you do happen to come across non-protected Flash video on a Firefox browser, you can download it using Real Player.

The familiar blue arrow dropdown tab will appear at the top of the Firefox browser alerting you that you can download the FLV video playing in the browser.

Here’s how it works: After, downloading Flash videos from the Khan Academy website and played them on the computer.

Why bother converting to MP4 or another other video format? Who wants to be tied to a desktop or even to lugging around a laptop computer.Apple doesn’t permit Flash to run on its operating system for technical reasons.The Flash video needs to be converted to another format, namely MP4.That’s why there are so many specialized Flash download products online.