Updating podcasts

30-Sep-2018 20:40

This is why: If you listen to part of a podcast episode on your i Pod, and then sync the device, the podcast episode disappears from i Tunes (because it is no longer unplayed).

If the episodes are still out there on the Internet, you can recover them by choosing Download All for the When New Episodes Are Available option.

Choose the show that you want to change the settings for, then scroll to the bottom of the unplayed list and select Podcast Settings.

If you want to listen to an episode while you're not connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet, you can download it.

You can also stream podcasts on your Apple TV or Home Pod.

Or you can ask Siri to start playing a podcast by its title.

The settings are as follows: If you sync podcasts automatically to your i Pod, don’t set the Episodes to Keep pop-up to All Unplayed Episodes — use All Episodes instead.Yet when he looked at his show within his copy of i Tunes, an entire week of programs was missing.In an attempt to rectify the situation he selected his podcast and clicked the Refresh button in the lower-right corner of the i Tunes window. ("Predictably" because the Refresh button is there so that you can ask i Tunes to search for new episodes that may have appeared since the last time i Tunes checked.)There are a couple of paths to pursue when you face such a situation.In i Tunes on a Mac or PC, choose Podcasts from the menu in the upper-left corner, then click Library.

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To play all unheard episodes of a show, double-click the show that you want to listen to in the middle column.

Browse free audio episodes and shows about topics that range from comedy and science to news and politics in the Podcasts app on your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or Apple TV, in i Tunes on a Mac or PC, or on your Home Pod.

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